Meet the bright web

for macOS 11.3+

A browser new type of software
for searching healthy thinking 
on the internet.


Navigate with intent

Strong-minded browsing

Automatic Tab Grouping

beam organizes tabs for you as you surf the web.

Share Tab Groups

A list of hotels for your next trip, movie recommendations, books to read? Share your tab groups with others.


Keep what really matters

Capture inspiration without breaking your flow.

Capture entire blocks of text or a single sentence you really like in any page.
Capture images, videos, tweets, reddit and instagram posts, figma files & more.

Your web diary

Journal your findings every day.


Get your ideas out there

Sign up to beam to share your notes with the world – in private or publicly

and so much more


Search the web, your notes, your tab groups, your universe.
Press ⌘K or ⌘T to summon it.


Connect your calendar and keep an eye on your daily meetings.

Video Call Window

Video calls get their own side window, so you can focus on what matters.

Split View

Browse the web on one side. Take notes on the other.

Ad Blocker

Surf the web safely and privately with the built-in adblocker.

End-to-end encryption
Sync & End-to-End Encryption

Your content is securely end-to-end encrypted and only you can access it.

Try beam and experience
the web in a new way

for macOS 11.3+