The Bright Web

We believe in tools, and the people who use them. We believe in tools that foster autonomy, encourage inquisitiveness, strengthen personal agency, and drive critical inquiry. We believe knowledge is the essential human project.

We’re building beam because we think something is fundamentally broken in the way the tools at our disposal have us use the web — and thus, our minds. It feels like we have not freely chosen our online practices — that they are habits we have helplessly picked up...


  • Dom Leca
  • Sebastien Metrot
  • Fabien Penso
    Principal Engineer
  • Olivier Charavel
    Senior Designer
  • Jean-Louis Darmon
    macOS/iOS Engineer
  • Remi Santos
    Senior macOS/iOS Engineer
  • Paul Lefkopoulos
    Data Scientist
  • Julien Plu
    Senior ML/NLP Engineer
  • Ludovic Ollagnier
    Senior macOS/iOS Engineer
  • Mathieu Jouhet
    Senior Front-End Web Engineer
  • Andrii Vasyliev
    Senior QA Engineer
  • Stef Kors
    Web Engineer
  • Wilfried de Kerchove de Denterghem
    Head of Engineering
  • Quentin Valero
    Senior QA Engineer
  • Jerome Blondon
    Senior Backend Engineer
  • Adam Viaud
    Software Engineer
  • Adrian Tofan
    Senior Backend Engineer
  • Thomas Clement
    Senior macOS/iOS Engineer
  • Gabriele Venturi
    Web Developer


  • Bijan Sabet
  • Jordan Cooper
  • François Meteyer
    Alven Capital
  • Pascal Cagni
    C4 Ventures
    Apple SVP EMEA
  • Patrick Murphy
  • Harry Stebbings
  • Andrew Wilkinson
    Tiny Ventures
  • Albert Wenger
    Eutopia - USV
  • Christian Reber
  • Antoine Martin
  • Nicolas Cohen
    Ankor Store
  • Simon Dawlat